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Clean Steel provides expertise in the management of fouling of heat transfer surfaces that accumulates on boilers during energy production.

Sustainable solution

Smart Blasting™ is based on the circular economy model:

Step 1.

All grit is non-hazardous process waste from the nickel industry – a by-product from industrial processes. Sand and water, used traditionally, are virgin raw materials.

Step 2.

Sifting and drying give the material a new useful life



Step 3.

After Smart Blasting, all waste is recycled by our partner Suomen Erityisjäte Oy


Clean Steel & Sustainable Development


Fighting climate change requires immediate action. Bioenergy has proved to be the most cost-effective way to refrain from using fossil fuels in combustion-based energy production.

Increasing the use of bioenergy reduces emissions in addition to improving the security of the supply and energy self-sufficiency.

Energy companies have made significant investments in order to meet climate targets. In less than a decade, the proportion of forest fuels used in district heat production has been increased from 10 to over 30 percent. Of the over 100 million cubic meters of annual growth, nearly 10 million cubic meters are woodchips burned in hot water systems.

Finnish power plants are efficient, well-kept and contemporary. Combined heat and electricity production ensures that the energy content of forest biomass and from domestic waste can be harnessed with nearly 100% efficiency. Incineration plant emissions are controlled with strict environmental permit regulations. The objectives of the EU regulations are towards continual reduction of emissions.

Production is located where ever the need for heat production is greatest. Collectively, the 59 heat production plants that cover the largest residential areas account for 10 000 MW of power, whereas the 300 smaller plants account for 3 500 MW of power.

How Clean Steel endorses sustainability?


We believe that sustainable development is the key to achieving future success and accomplishing our goals.

We are happy to introduce you to Clean Steel’s sustainability model.

Building a sustainable business does not happen overnight, as it is a journey that requires great commitment. It also requires consistent lines of action and policies, such as creating a quality management system, and the will to develop existing operating models; as well as creating new solutions that take the environmental impact in consideration.

In 2011, we established our business that strives for cleaner and more efficient combustion. We decided right from the start that we would create an inspiring and substantial concept using the “three pillars” of our sustainable development model.

These three pillars are:

  • More efficient use of our recourses in our operations
  • Development of our operations so that work safety is considered and the environmental impact is minimized
  • Taking active action in our community to learn from others

Quality, safety and corporate responsibility are our core principles.

How can they be seen in Clean Steel’s daily operations and other activities?

Efficient use of resources

Less is more! Our Smart Blasting cleaning method for heat transfer surfaces which enhances the combustion process / the burning process. Or in other words, the same amount of energy can be produced with less fuel after cleaning (improved efficiency). With more efficient combustion, the emissions are also reduced.

Development of operations while minimizing the environmental impact

The quality management system that oversees our operations has defined the instructions and procedures to determine the quality, safety and corporate responsibility of our company.

Being active in our community

We develop our operations in collaboration with our clients and boiler manufacturers. The tightening of environmental regulations has encouraged us to find solutions that help our clients to boost their operations and achieve future emission targets.

We develop ways to control fouling and corrosion together with VTT.


Clean Steel is the world’s first professional service in the control of corrosion and fouling on the heat transfer surfaces of power boilers Our Smart BlastingTM method removes all slag deposits from heat transfer surfaces effectively and safely. This method has been researched and studied by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd, and they have proven that the method actually hinders future fouling. This demanding work is carried out by trained professionals.


We help those who run power plants to see the benefits of a clean boiler as a significant factor in maintaining a profitable business. We clean boilers with a method that can help enhance boiler’s functions and/or lessen the amount of fuel needed for its run. We keep developing ways to manage fouling and secure stable energy production.


Our services do not only improve power plant’s energy efficiency, but they also decrease fuel consumption and help control emissions. We work towards better customer experiences and towards the most effective and environmentally sound results. We want to operate responsibly, and be an encouraging role model and employer to the professionals that we have trained in fouling control methods.

Choose us.

We help our customers to see the benefits of clean heat transfer surfaces as a significant factor in maintaining a profitable business.