Our Stop’n Go service model for power plant maintenance outages save you nerves, time and money

Stop n’ Go    Smart Blasting    Additional services

Simplifying maintenance outages

Phase 1



  • Our projects always start with a clear plan
  • This plan is made with our customer to match their schedules
  • It includes a detailed workflow of the tasks to do and how much time each takes
  • The plan is shared with the project team and customer
  • Every project has a dedicated project manager
  • Our project manager is responsible for project schedules and outcome

Phase 2

Maintenance outage

The Stop’ n Go service model can include the following  tasks


  • Cleaning the boiler’s heat transfer surfaces  with our patented Smart Blasting ™  method
  • Vacuuming and disposing of cleaning waste and any additional vacuuming services (CS vacuuming)
  • Boiler NDT inspection (CS Check)
  • Scaffolding work
  • We can optimise resources and costs by offering a broader scope of work to make your life easier

Phase 3



  • Our projects are always finalised with a written project report and photos
  • The report includes a document of work performed and observations
  • We always give our recommendations for the next outage
  • This report is delivered to our customer within two weeks after the maintenance outage is completed

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We help our customers to see the benefits of clean heat transfer surfaces as a significant factor in maintaining a profitable business.