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Luvian Saha

“Cleaning our boiler used to be a laborious and frequent task, and the end result was not very good.

With the Smart Blasting method, the maintenance intervals have been significantly extended and the availability of the boiler has clearly improved.”

Timo Arola, Maintenance Manager

Luvian Saha Oy

Dalkia / Smurfit Kappa (Cellulose du Pin, Biganos)

Dalkia is France’s leading operator of wood fired power plants. Biomass represents nearly half of Dalkia’s renewable energy production, accounting for 17% of its overall energy mix.

France’s largest biomass-based combined-heat-and-power (CHP) facility owned by Dalkia started its operation a few years ago. The site is located in southwestern France at the papermaker Smurfit Kappa Group LLC’s Biganos-Facture production facility. The 124 MW plant uses 422,000 metric tons of tree bark and fines from the pulp screening process to produce electricity and 170 metric tons of steam per hour.

Dalkia relies on Clean Steel’s expertise in cleaning the dirty heat transfer surfaces of the production facility’s boiler. The collaboration began in 2019, and after a successful first project, the partnership continued with the annual maintenance of 2020.

The heat transfer surfaces of the boiler should be cleaned regularly and thoroughly, but still as quickly as possible. In this way, the operating capacity of the boiler remains efficient and problems are minimised. Correspondingly, the performance of statutory inspections in the boiler is also more efficient when the heat transfer surfaces contaminated during the operation of the boiler have been properly cleaned for the inspection.

Previously, the cleaning of the boiler operated by Dalkia had been carried out by sandblasting, but the cleaning results were not satisfactory and the time required for the cleaning was too long. With the Smart Blasting cleaning method, the cleaning of the boiler took less time and the cleaning result was significantly improved.

The effective cleaning method, professional staff and the expertise gained over the years in cleaning dirty heat transfer surfaces guarantee results that professionals now rely on also in France.

Clean Steel – Maximizing boiler performance

Klabin Telêmaco, Brasilia

Klabin is the biggest producer of papers for packaging and paper packaging in Brazil. Last April Telêmaco’s woodpulp factory tried Clean Steel’s Smart BlastingTM cleaning method for their power boiler that uses mainly eucalyptus as fuel. The steam generation was significantly increased immediately after Smart BlastingTM. During the following six months, the direct financial benefits from this operation were 2 500 000 BRL (about 650 000 EUR). If the steam generation remains at this level for the rest of the season, the project’s financial benefit will total up to 5 000 000 BRL (1.3 million EUR). This partial cleaning, which was conducted this spring, will be followed up next year with a similar Smart BlastingTM project of the entire boiler. Based on the last operation, the client is expecting to gain a total benefit of over 9 000 000 BRL (over 2.3 million EUR) from the new project.

Results after Smart BlastingTM treatment:

  • 4.8 tons of more steam per hour
  • approx. 650 000 EUR benefit during the first 6 months
  • excellent cleaning result

Steam generation significantly increased immediately after Smart BlastingTM.

Stora Enso Anjalankoski

Stora Enso is the leading producer of renewable packaging, bio-based material and wood and paper solutions world-wide. Before Clean Steel cleaning treatment, the Anjalankoski plants in Kouvola suffered from unexpected outages once a month on average. The 150-megawatt-power plant boiler that burns woodchips, bark and paperboard waste among other things fouls easily during runs, and this causes various boiler function problems. Previously tested traditional cleaning methods failed to satisfy Anjalankoski power plants’ needs, and the problems still persisted after these cleaning operations.

Results after Smart BlastingTM treatment:

  • 4 planned outages per year
  • excellent cleaning result
  • no extra shutdowns due to fouling

Vantaan Energia

Vantaa Energy is one of Finland’s largest city energy companies. In the company’s power plant that was established in 2014, Clean Steel cleared their two boilers from ash and dirt during the 2018 maintenance outage. A regular annual maintenance is required to keep the boilers operational during the whole season.

Clean Steel’s Smart BlastingTM method proved to be an effecting dry method, and the boilers were cleaned in the agreed schedule. See and be impressed »

Kuusamon energia- ja vesiosuuskunta

Kuusamon energia- ja vesiosuuskunta was established in 1950, and it is responsible for producing and distributing Kuusamo’s district heating.

The company’s power plant was finished in 1993, and it was bought by Adven Oy in 2013. Its thermal input is 23MW (flue gas condenser capacity being 5MW). The plant burns woodchips, bark and peat.

The collaboration with Clean Steel began in June 2017. Previously, the plant functioned in a reasonably reliable manner and with moderate efficiency (95%), and they didn’t consider the fouling on the heat transfer surfaces as a big problem.

The goal of this collaboration was to improve efficiency and further the understanding of the boiler’s corrosion-related problems.

After the first Smart Blasting, the plant’s production level rose immediately and significantly. Because of the 100% cleaning result, previously hidden corrosion problems became visible, and they can now be monitored and controlled better than before. In addition, the cleaning and inspection of the boiler can now be done significantly quicker.

The efficiency goal was reached as well, as the efficiency is now at 98,5% according to the latest annual inspection.

“No matter how you look at it, the efficiency has grown significantly”, says Powerplant Manager Lauri Kilpijärvi.

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We help our customers to see the benefits of clean heat transfer surfaces as a significant factor in maintaining a profitable business.

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We help our customers to see the benefits of clean heat transfer surfaces as a significant factor in maintaining a profitable business.

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